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“Chronic malnutrition, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, substandard health services and lack of clean drinking water have combined to drive average life expectancy in Malawi down from 46 years in 1996 to 38 years in 2002. One million Malawians are infected with HIV/AIDS, which caused 90,000 deaths in 2003 and has left some 400,000 children orphaned. Because of the high death rate, the population is very young: about 72 per cent of Malawians are under 25 years of age. And young people often lack the skills and experience they need to shoulder the burden of caring for orphans and chronically ill or disabled family members” (www.ruralpovertyportal.org)


WWM will be monitoring the project success of the project through several ways. WWM has established links with the local chiefs which helps the charity to ensure that only genuine orphans and given places within the schools.

WWM has a board of trustees in Malawi who regularly monitor the student’s level of attendance, progress, and the impact the school is having on their lives.

WWM will also maintain links with previous students to monitor their progress into further education.

Members of the trustees based in England make regular visits to Ghana & Malawi along with friends and supporters of the charity to see the effects and progress of the projects.

Feedback will be gathered from the students, their guardians, teachers, and the local community to enable WWM to evaluate it’s success and develop future projects.


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