Wood World Missions Charity - "Helping to Meet the Needs of Humanity Worldwide" - Mission Updates
Trustees Rev. William Wood
(co-Founder and Chairman)

Rev. Mercy Wood
(co-Founder and Secretary)

Adrian & Nelsy Rapazzini

Bob & Dorothy Cromwell

Bishop Edward Antwi
(Board Member)

Rev. Geoffrey Macharia
(Board Member)

Other Officials:

Rev. Steve Mensah
Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry - Ghana & UK
(Special Spiritual Advisor)

Rev. Stanley Mensah
Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry - Ghana & UK
(Special Spiritual Advisor)

Mrs. (Elder) Mary Abrah

How can I help?

We are a small charity with a big heart and need as
much help as possible.

We understand that not everyone is built or has the time
to come out to some of the mission trips but there are
many other ways to support.

// Why not organize a fundraising event perhaps with
music or a fun day.

// You can get your friends or family to sponsor you for
something like a marathon, a long bike ride or even
something strange like growing a beard for 3 months.

We are always ready to hear any interesting ideas.

Call us on

020 8286 3018

Or email us at


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Wood World Missions. Registered Charity No. 1084001

Head Office
238 - 240 London Road
Mitcham, Surrey
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 8286 3018